• Mar Mediterráneo, golf y el mejor clima

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Luxury villas, real lives.

More than cottages or beach houses, opportunities to live great experiences.

The perfect place for a getaway but, also, to live in an oasis of comfort.

We present Villas Duquesa. An urbanization of luxury villas, with a view to a real life, full of possibilities to develop in terms of:

  • Privacy, to live a full life; and individual and family enjoyment, in an exclusive environment.
  • Socialization, with the opportunity to meet new people and receive guests, in an ideal environment to connect. The possibilities are endless.
  • A privileged environment, with views and very close to the sea.
  • The ideal climate for the development of multiple outdoor activities. Large number of sunny days to make the most of your free time.
  • Well-being, breathing, in every way.
  • Closeness to points of interest: the city, the main services, sites of tourist interest, marina, golf courses, etc.


Golf Villas Duquesa


Each villa is a dream in itself but not only that. It is also the opportunity to fulfill new dreams. Rest, peace, fun, self-realization, sharing with loved ones, developing physical abilities, achieving wellness, meeting new people …

Everything you want, Villas Duquesa offers you a privileged location to get it.

Interiorly, properties with all the comforts; and an exterior that reflects that beauty… mixing it with a truly privileged environment.

An urbanization to live real lives, royalty style; but with everything necessary to live truly full lives. The best: at a really competitive price for the area and the characteristics of the houses. A dream that can become reality for real people, like you, and that can mark the beginning of even better things.

Do you know how the name of Villas Duquesa came about? Simple. This is what the views of the urbanization and the sum of each of the luxury villas suggest, near Puerto de la Duquesa. Villas Duquesa is much more than the sum of the parts:

Villas Duquesa
Source: Villas Duquesa
  • Luxury houses with the best qualities.
  • Dazzling views.
  • Lots of brightness.
  • A privileged weather all year round.
  • The possibility of developing an infinite range of activities.
  • All the attractions of Puerto de la Duquesa.
  • An exclusive urbanization with privacy and all the amenities.

The perfect urbanization to live a REAL life (with luxuries and comforts) and REAL, in terms of what it is to live a full life, in which it really can be possible to find balance and enjoy.

Villas Duquesa


Villas Duquesa is made up of 27 houses of total luxury and the best qualities of construction.

The first phase consists of eleven villas and, the second, also of construction in 2018, will complete the total.

230 square meters of construction will form the villas in plots, which will range between 632 and 884 square meters; four of them with underground parking.

They will have foundations and a reinforced concrete structure; thermal and acoustic insulation; top quality interior and exterior finishes; gardens; efficient facilities; irrigation and private pool.

Download here the quality report and look at the details, where the important thing resides.

Quality Report